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  • I really love this product. My scalp was itching a lot because of the braids I had in my hair for a few weeks. As soon as I sprayed it on my scalp, the itching stopped! And it also smells great. It gives spa like aromatherapy therapy. AMAZON VERIFIED PURCHASE

    5 STARS Great product!
  • OMG! I have used several hair detangle products and this product makes washing hair easy and effortlessly. Less time detangling and the smell is great too. I had major tangled knots that would have required a major hair chop. But this product saved my hair!!!! AMAZON VERIFIED PURCHASE

    5 STARS The best hair detangle product!
  • I enjoy this hair product a lot. It is full of ingredients that will help promote hair growth and it smells amazing in the process. My hair always feels very smooth and tangle free after applying this and letting it sit before a shower. I have also noticed that it leaves my scalp feeling moisturized and less itchy! This is a great oil, I definitely recommend it. AMAZON VERIFIED PURCHASE

    5 STARS Great for Detangling and Nourishment